Past Events

Sample evaluations:
Participants -
"I enjoyed spinning a throwing the hoops the most"
"I learnt how to make a pop-up clown in art"
"The tutors helped me to improve my skills with their encouragement"
"The most difficult thing I was asked to do was to sew paper to a woolly hat!"
"I would like to join another Focus on the Arts event because it is very enjoyable and a good way to make new friends"
"The Tutors gave me more confidence"
"I would like to join another FOA event because it is lots of fun and I enjoy meeting new people"
Parents -
"My children have talked about this week with enthusiasm and have particularly enjoyed the backstage and lighting element"
"My daughter is showing more of an interest in the design side of things and wanting to know more about how a show is put together"
"My daughter has gained so much more confidence following the workshops and showcase.  Thank you"
"A very enjoyable Showcase, so glad that my daughter was able to attend.  She is still talking about it three days later!"
"My son loved Technical Theatre!"
Tutors -
"I think the options feature is a success because it is a good idea to have 'behind the scenes' options"
"I like the way each day is organised because everyone knew what was going on and where they were meant to be because it was a simple, regular and organised timetable"
"I do not have any recommendations for future events because it is perfect - I cannot fault it!"
"It was a pleasure working with such enthusiastic young people"
"I think FOA really is passionate about their mission statement - this shows in how enthusiastic the children are and how much they enjoy it, it gets my creative juices going too"


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